Full-scale carbon management for businesses

SaaS + expert consultancy + technical engineering solutions

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Complete solution for your net-zero transformation

There’s climate technology. There’s climate consultancy. Then there’s Futureproofed: Robust SaaS for CO2 management paired with expert consultancy and engineering.

SaaS platform

Futureproofed enables you to calculate direct and supply chain CO2 emissions following global standards to gain actionable insights on your emissions, build an action plan and generate investor-grade reports.

Futureproofed for business

Expert consultancy

We offer consultancy services based on deep domain expertise to translate your carbon roadmap into projects. From carbon footprint calculation to advisory on ESG matters or CSRD compliance.

Expert consultancy

Engineering solutions

As part of Sweco, we link you up the best engineering team to design the right technical solutions emerging from your carbon roadmap. This way, we achieve the transition to net-zero together, in an efficient way.

Revolution is in the air

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Carbon management software in 3 steps

1. Measure

Automatically calculate direct and indirect CO2 emissions following global standards and develop a clear carbon footprint.

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carbon management software

2. Reduce

Develop your roadmap with carbon and financial returns. Set science-based targets and focus on what matters with materiality assessments.

3. Report compliantly

Export files, integrate other data and report your progress. Compliant with disclosure frameworks and customizable to your specific needs.

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Book a demo with an expert

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“Futureproofed was head and shoulders above the rest: professional, very motivated, international and with a unique approach. More than software, they offer consultancy and advice.”


“The good thing about Futureproofed is that their experts are always available to offer support. Most other carbon accounting platforms can’t make that pledge.”


"We agreed from the beginning  to calculate our footprint in the most honest and complete way we can, without sliding into the greenwashing that one often sees. We stuck to that resolution very well."

futureproofed carbon accounting collaborate with colleagues

New: collaborate efficiently
with colleagues

– Ask colleagues to add, review or modify emission sources
– Audit trial: validate and monitor activity from team
– Across business site and unit